Process Heating Equipment Technology

PROTHERM Series FS and FSA heaters are highly efficient fast response medium wavelength infrared heaters designed for use in industrial process heating applications where critical product temperatures are demanded. The Series FS will heat all colors uniformally.

PROTHERM Series FSA heaters are designed for direct convection air impingement through the face of the heater. Series FSA heaters are supplied with blowers mounted on back or with collars for remote blowers.

PROTHERM Series FS and FSA heaters direct approximately 97% of the output to the product, and back losses are at a minimum due to the unique components used.

PROTHERM Series CB heaters are highly efficient long and medium wavelength infrared sources for rugged use in industrial process heating applications. As area source heaters, the Series CB have a uniform full area heat pattern for optimum radiation efficiency over the entire product. The Series CB will heat all colors equally well, with the exception of pigments containing carbon black, which have higher absorbtion rates.

PROTHERM Series CV heaters are highly efficient medium wavelength infrared panel heaters for use in industrial process heating applications. The Series CV offers quality emission of infrared energy through the Vycor Quartz face. Elements are held in a special high temperature refractory board. PROTHERM Series CV heaters are ideally suited to applications requiring product temperatures to 900 degrees F. or faster heat up rates for lower temperature products.


 Infraround tm Heaters

 Standard (above) and Custom (right), Designed To Be Application Specific, High Efficiency, Long Life, Realistically Priced.


Standard Model - 4", 6" and 10" diameters. Clam shell construction.
Standard dimensions of 15 1/2" x 15 1/2" x 33".

Custom Models- Diameters from 24" to 56" have been made.
Construction with or without air input.

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