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Model C Transducers

 Dead Shaft & Live Shaft Models

Three Mounting Styles

Dual Cantilevered Beam For High Accuracy

Transducers & Idler Roll In One
Easy To Install Unit

Aluminum, Steel or Stainless Steel
Rolls In A Variety Of Finishes

Two Frame Sizes

One Electrical Cable

Tension Roll Transducers Model TR 

 Roll Shell Transducer - Model RS

Converts A Simple Metal Tube Into A Tension-Sensing Idler Roll

Simple To Install, Unit Clamps Into Tube

No Shaft Needed - Two Frame Sizes

Measure Low Tension Accurately In Any Moving Ribbon or Filament

Two Mounting Styles - Stackable

Special Wheels Available

Rated From 50g to 2000g
(2oz. to 4.4lbs)

  Low Tension Transducers 
- Model LT

Under Pillow Block Model - UPB
 Heavy-Duty Tension Transducers

Install Under Any Standard
Pillow Block Bearing

No Wear Points

Corrosion Resistant

Load Ratings From 45 - 2273Kg
(100 - 5000lbs)

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